Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slow Start at The Pahk

Another year, another opening day. For this year's Red Sox, apparently they did not read the media hype that they were so good they were going straight to the World Series. I hate it when this kind of stuff happens. Baseball season is very long. Good thing.

I knew things would improve when they got home. It's hard to start your season on the road, especially when you start in Texas with the defending World Series champions. It did get better in Boston, winning the series with the Yankees. Then Tampa Bay came to town, and finally won a game. I always hold my breath when Dice K pitches. I am not a big fan, sorry bud.

Yesterday I got a big surprise in the mail from my old high school friend Caroline, who is an artist living in Boston. Not to be confused with my old high school friend Caroline who is an author living in Hoboken. Though I did see both in February. Together. When author Caroline came to town to read from her new best selling novel, Pictures of You. But I digress.

Caroline the artist lives in the Fort Point Arts Community in South Boston, and her neighbor Laura Davidson makes these very cool books. Caroline knows of my Fenway addiction, and just knew I needed my very own Pahk, home away from home. So she sent me this:

It's a tunnel book showing the third base line grandstand view of Fenway and the skyline. The artist painted the images, then offset printed them, laser cut then pieced them together by hand. Fabulous! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Boston folks, and visitors, should check out the Fort Point scene. They have open studios events that I managed to attend a few times over the years. There is one coming up May 6-8. Visit the Made in Fort Point shop where you can buy all kinds of cool art! Go to the website for more info.