Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Goodbye Old Friends

You've been quite a pair, I have to say. Odd looking, but very easy to get along with. From the very first day, you'd go anywhere...from around the block to Coyote Wall to Mt. Hood to Oneonta Gorge, to Bend, to the WA Canadian border, to California, Texas, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Rain or shine. Rocky trail or smooth path, city sidewalk or back country. You did it all. I can't even count all the miles we've walked together.

But there comes a time when you've got to make the break. I tried to make our relationship last a little longer but the fix was temporary. You just couldn't support me the way I needed you to anymore. So today I said goodbye.

RIP Keen Targhee II's, October 2009-April 2012.

Meet the new travelers. In true thrifty New Englander style, I found them on clearance at the local Footwise shoe store in Hood River (where I bought the dearly departed pair). Anyone who knows me gets how excited I am about this. The first pair was NOT on sale, but I figure they cost me $48 a year. I won't tell you how many cheap boots and hiking shoes Lloyd has gone through in that time. If these last as long, they'll be down to about $28 a year. Now THAT's a DEAL!

I do need to be on the lookout for some regular hiking BOOTS for this season. After all, Wilderness Steward training is coming up in a few weeks...